Our Smart New Look

We've been working really hard to bring you an even better way of buying superb wine from around the world.

Our old website has been showcasing fantastic wines for quite some years now. It’s done well, but we felt it was time for a bit of a facelift. The main reason for this was to give you the same service online that you can get in-store – a handy bit of guidance. For all those details you’re curious about, the ones that help you pick a wine, we now have them all in one place for each product. Convenient, informative and comparable. Oh, and we'll be adding new wines and information so keep a regular eye out for what's new.

We’ve been listening to the feedback you’ve given through the old site, and many of those desired features and functions have now been implemented. Over time we’ll add more - all to increase the ability to experience the variety and bring you sensational deals from around the world.

You will find some answers below to some of the questions that might pop up. The best way for you to experience the new site is to simply explore. Lose your way in it, find your way again, and discover some gems along the path.

Happy drinking!
John & Richard Caro


Why do I need to reset my password?
To promote security, we’re asking all existing customers to reset their password when they first sign into their personal account on the new website.

Can I use the same password I had before?
Feel free to use the same password if it's known only to you. Your payment details will be stored in your account so use a password you feel is most secure. It's at your discretion.

Can I log into my account by using my old login name?
No. On our new website you can only login using your email address. If by chance you have multiple accounts you will need to login under the associated email address for each account. If you don't know the email address associated with your account, firstly check your email inbox for a message from us. If you are still having trouble, please call us on 0800 422 767.

Can the new website save my credit card details?
Yes. It’s one of the new features to our website. You can save multiple cards directly to your account so they will appear for current and future purchases. Just tick the box to save the details when you enter them. To increase security, we are asking all customers to re-submit their card details. All details are encrypted for safety.

What if I don’t want my credit card details saved?
If you prefer not to save the card details, you can enter them for purchase purposes but refrain from clicking the 'save details' button. This will mean no card details are saved to your account.

Can I save my delivery address?
Yes you can. Within the new site you're able to save your primary delivery address into your personal account so this becomes the default for future purchases.

Can I use multiple delivery addresses?
Yes you can. Within the new site there’s the option to save multiple addresses into your account. This way you will be able to select which one is relevant each time you purchase wine from Caro’s. No need for entering the details every time you buy wine.

Where can I download tasting notes for my wines?
On each wine product page we have a 'download tasting notes' button to click. It’s featured on the left hand side with the ‘share’ and the ‘add to wishlist’ buttons. When clicked, this brings up a PDF file which you can save to your desktop.

Can I share the Tools & Tips you’ve made available?
Yes, of course you can. Feel free to share any of the tools we provide at Caro's with any of your wine-loving friends or family. Just go to the KNOW HOW section and click on any of the guides to be able to view them online. A small menu pops up in the right hand corner and this enables you to print or download them. They will save to your computer. Feel free to send them to whoever you like. Sharing wine knowledge is what it’s all about. After all, how else are we meant to know how to pick a great wine? Happy drinking!