Prosecco is a deliciously fresh, fruity Italian sparkler. It can be as Methode Traditionelle but vastly more is produced by the Charmat method. This steel tank technique for sparkle-making is cheaper and preserves the apetising fruitiness of the predominant Glera grape which, unlike Champagne fruit, is alowed to reach moderate ripeness in the coolish climates around Veneto and Friuli. Frizzante means only slightly sparkling, Spumante more so. NB: Prosecco labelled Extra Dry is, weirdly, a little less dry than Brut (so don’t confuse it with Champagne’s Extra Brut category which, like it sounds, is drier). Luckily, Prosecco labelled ‘Brut’ is dry as promised - the driest Prosecco - and the equivalent of Brut Champagne (though fruitier tasting).


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  1. Villa Jolanda Prosecco Extra Dry

    Villa Jolanda Prosecco Extra Dry

    90 Points John Caro
    A delicious and delicate Prosecco from Italy's classic region, the Veneto. This wine has a soft mousse and gentle flavours of tree fruits and flowers, with a refreshing finish that is close to ...
    $19.99 in mixed 6+ or $21.99 per bottle
  2. Ora Prosecco Brut

    Ora Prosecco Brut

    92 Points Richard Caro
    Gorgeously light and completely dry, Ora is aperitif perfection (under a new blue label). Pretty white peach and flowers float over a soft creamy texture enlivened by bright acidity that ...
    $21.99 in mixed 6+ or $24.99 per bottle

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