Greco Di Tufo

Lots of grapes from Italy’s Campania are bursting onto the world scene, but Greco di Tufo is perhaps the foremost. At home in the Apennine foothills Greco di Tufo it is so well regarded at that it shares its name with the regional DOCG wine, of which it provides 85%. This grape is a local clone of the Greco (Greco Bianco) grape, in theory introduced by early Greek settlers and widely planted in Campania, Calabria and Italy’s South. Generally blended, common Greco is a typical Italian fish/aperitif white with lighter-bodied notes of citrus and almond, while the Greco di Tufo variant is also a perfect vehicle for its local volcanic and calcium soils, adding to more commonplace notes of citrus/almond a definite mineral complexity on the nose and palate. 

Greco Di Tufo

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