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  1. Argentinian Reds

    Argentinian Reds

    If Argentina wasn’t like New Zealand – at the bottom of the world – then they’d dominate the global market by now (and we’d have to pay what their wines are actually ...

    Save an amazing $14 $105.96 per case of 4
  2. Rhone Reds

    Rhone Reds

    92 Points John Caro

    Ever wondered why people keep turning up at your place with Cotes du Rhone? This style is all things to all people. Its reliable pleasures are in the blend, we reckon, which happens to be the ...

    Save an amazing $14 $109.96 per case of 4
  3. Spanish Reds

    Spanish Reds

    Everyone knows Spain makes amazing reds, right? But while they used to be rich and rustic (and cheap) they’ve sneakily become rich and polished and perfectly world class (and still ...

    Save an amazing $34 $139.94 per case of 6
  4. Italian Reds

    Italian Reds

    How nice that an Italian label tells you the varietal...sometimes. Italian food suffers no shortage of olive oil, as we know, which has given that country a passionate love of wines with ...

    Save an amazing $22 $145.94 per case of 6
  5. Serious Italian Reds

    Serious Italian Reds

    It’s funny, the Italians don’t endlessly sniff and obsess about their wines - they just drink them with their dinner. Unlike the rest of us - give us a top Chianti and we ...

    Save an amazing $20 $199.96 per case of 4
  6. Serious Spanish Reds

    Serious Spanish Reds

    Spain has the climate of Southern France but not the price tag. You’d pay a mint for six bottles of Chateauneuf-du-Pape but these select wines from famous Spanish producers are every ...

    Save an amazing $34 $285.94 per case of 6
  7. Serious Southern French Reds

    Serious Southern French Reds

    If you want deep, dark reds then you need to centre your attention somewhere, frankly, we’d all rather be - Mediterranean Provence. Here the dry, hot climate makes reds every bit as ...

    Save an amazing $44 $319.94 per case of 6
  8. Serious Argentinian Reds

    Serious Argentinian Reds

    Even basic wines from Argentina are delicious, so what happens if we take a step up? In one sense it’s just like you’d expect - you get more depth, more complexity, etc - but in ...

    Save an amazing $39 $329.94 per case of 6

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