Whites wines are lighter-bodied with more obvious acidity, making them good aperitifs or with white meat and fish dishes. Whites are the made from the translucent flesh and juice of any grape - whether white or even red-skinned. Commonly green or pink-skinned fruit make lemon or straw-coloured wines but the pulp of a red grape like Pinot Noir can also be denied skin contact to make ‘strawberry blond’ whites called Vin Gris or Blanc de Noir. The greatest still and sparkling whites are French, though their locals only drink them 21 percent of the time. New Zealand is famous for Sauvignon Blanc and we are third highest white wine consumers at 56 percent. Surprisingly, the world’s biggest white drinkers are Australians at 60 percent! Hmmm, I wonder whose they are drinking?


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