Viognier is a pretty famous white grape, right? Well, 50 years ago it had almost died out at home in France’s Northern Rhone, but thanks to the loving care of Australian producer Yalumba the grape recovered to become nearly front rank. Viognier’s aromatic nose of honey, herbs, and steely minerals is a touch more restrained than Gewurztraminer but the palate is likewise full-bodied and low acid so capable of a moderately rich, oily texture and typical apricot and peach flavours. France’s expensive Condrieu is the archetype of rich-but-dry Viognier, with more medium-bodied, medium-priced blends coming from the Rhone and single varietals from the Languedoc-Roussillon and New World, notably Australia, America and New Zealand.


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  1. 2014 De La Terre Viognier

    2014 De La Terre Viognier

    17.5 Points Raymond Chan
    With the pedigee of being chief winemaker at Church Rd for 10 years, Tony certainly know how to make wine!. Great concentration and depth of flavour here with zesty, lively, citus flavours and ...
    RRP $23.99 Save $3 $20.99 a bottle
  2. 2013 Alpha Domus Wingwalker Viognier

    2013 Alpha Domus Wingwalker Viognier

    17.5 Points Raymond Chan
    Alpha Domus have nailed a delicious, somewhat European-styled example of this difficult variety. Peachy and Apricotty but with a certain something - call it savoury, call it mineral - giving it ...
    RRP $24.99 Save $3 $21.99 a bottle
  3. 2013 Gerard Bertrand Reserve Speciale Viognier

    2013 Gerard Bertrand Reserve Speciale Viognier

    91 Points John Caro
    A beautifully balanced Viognier from it's best-value spot, the Langedoc-Rousillon in France's Mediterranean south. In this warm climate Bertrand uses his cooler, hilly vineyards to ripen this ...
    RRP $24.99 Save $3 $21.99 a bottle
  4. 2014 Millton Riverpoint Gisborne Viognier

    2014 Millton Riverpoint Gisborne Viognier

    90 Points Richard Caro
    If Millton can master varieties that normally do badly in Gisborne, then how much better with a Gisborne classic like Viognier? Beautifully ripe fruit gives instant generosity of pear and sappy ...
    RRP $29.99 Save $3 $26.99 a bottle
  5. 2014 Elephant Hill Viognier

    2014 Elephant Hill Viognier

    91 Points Richard Caro

    One of the best in the country, if not the world, this estate offering from Elephant Hill is consistently superb. We don't know how they do it - but whatever they do, it works. Elegantly ...

    RRP $29.99 Save $3 $26.99 a bottle
  6. 2014 Te Mata Zara Viognier

    2014 Te Mata Zara Viognier

    95 Points Sam Kim
    Of all varieties in NZ, Viognier is one we've struggled to get right stylistically. But Te Mata have led from the start and now they are writing the textbook in liquid form. Gentle surges of ...
    RRP $33.99 Save $4 $29.99 a bottle
  7. 2014 Dry River Martinborough Viognier

    2014 Dry River Martinborough Viognier

    94 Points Bob Campbell
    This is New Zealand's answer to the classic Viogniers from France. All about delicate aromatics nestled in a full body and weighty, oily mouthfeel. This ripe and super-serious example from Dry ...
    RRP $52.99 Save $6 $46.99 a bottle
  8. 2014 Tardieu Laurent Condrieu

    2014 Tardieu Laurent Condrieu

    92 Points Parker's Wine Advocate
    An opulent yet perfectly proportioned Condrieu, this superb offering from Tardieu showcases what is shaping up as a great year for Rhone whites. Grown at Paton, Chanson and Rocharde, the granite ...
    RRP $77.99 Save $8 $69.99 a bottle

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