Whites wines are lighter-bodied with more obvious acidity, making them good aperitifs or with white meat and fish dishes. Whites are the made from the translucent flesh and juice of any grape - whether white or even red-skinned. Commonly green or pink-skinned fruit make lemon or straw-coloured wines but the pulp of a red grape like Pinot Noir can also be denied skin contact to make ‘strawberry blond’ whites called Vin Gris or Blanc de Noir. The greatest still and sparkling whites are French, though their locals only drink them 21 percent of the time. New Zealand is famous for Sauvignon Blanc and we are third highest white wine consumers at 56 percent. Surprisingly, the world’s biggest white drinkers are Australians at 60 percent! Hmmm, I wonder whose they are drinking?


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  1. 2015 Durvillea Marlborough Pinot Gris

    2015 Durvillea Marlborough Pinot Gris

    90 Points Bob Campbell
    Dry but luscious, Astrolabe's second label puts other people's 'estate' Pinot Gris to shame. With a peachy/tropical nose and palate it is the crisp acidity that marks this out as a great ...
    $14.99 a bottle
  2. 2011 Ashwood Gisborne Pinot Gris

    2011 Ashwood Gisborne Pinot Gris

    18.5 Points Raymond Chan
    Hugely undervalued, this is a deliciously rich and oily Pinot Gris made by none other than Nick Nobilo of Vinoptima fame. Soaked in creamy stone and tropical fruits that have just the right ...
    RRP $24.99 Save $10 $14.99 a bottle
  3. 2011 Clark Estate ‘Single Vineyard' Awatere Valley Noble Pinot Gris (375ml)

    2011 Clark Estate ‘Single Vineyard' Awatere Valley Noble Pinot Gris (375ml)

    18 Points Raymond Chan
    A clearance deal on this very unctuous wine. This did have a RRP of $29 so its one heck of a clearance deal. Always nice to buy a dessert wine at this price point that is actually good!- Hook in ...
    RRP $28.99 Save $14 $14.99 a bottle
  4. 2011 Riverby Dry Riesling

    2011 Riverby Dry Riesling

    93 Points Sam Kim
    Riverby's prized Riesling block is one of the oldest in Marlborough and is located in the premium grape-growing heart of Marlborough, where some of the greatest Rieslings can be found. 2011 was ...
    RRP $21.99 Save $7 $14.99 a bottle
  5. 2014 Riverby Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

    2014 Riverby Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

    Rick’s Picks
    18 Points Raymond Chan
    A sophisticated and elegant Sauvignon Blanc with acidity that's beautifully fresh (but not aggressive) and Marlborough aromatics that are clear and clean (but not overpowering). Superb quality ...
    • Air New Zealand Wine Awards - Elite Gold
    • Decanter Commended
    • IWC Gold
    RRP $19.99 Save $5 $14.99 a bottle
  6. 2015 Durvillea Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

    2015 Durvillea Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

    90 Points Richard Caro
    Astrolabe’s baby Brother Sauvignon is growing up and getting a large export following. They also sell this to other wineries who sell it as their top labels for $20+. Zesty and vibrant this ...
    RRP $16.99 Save $2 $14.99 a bottle
  7. 2015 Durvillea Marlborough Chardonnay

    2015 Durvillea Marlborough Chardonnay

    90 Points Richard Caro
    This blew us away when we tasted it. This is a seriously good value chardonnay from Astrolabe and as they said to us "it's really only a notch below their top chardonnay"- and they are right. ...
    RRP $17.99 Save $2 $15.99 a bottle
  8. 2015 Chinook Pinot Gris

    2015 Chinook Pinot Gris

    89 Points Richard Caro
    A lovely peachy Pinot Gris from Gisborne, the Chinook is our own label and sourced from a quality producer. Off-dry and balanced with lots of elegant fruit and and clean finish, this is ...
    RRP $18.99 Save $3 $15.99 a bottle
  9. 2014 Beach House Riesling

    2014 Beach House Riesling

    90 Points Richard Caro
    A delicious example of Riesling from this warmer climate, the Beach House is packed with juicy fruit but also fresh acidity - all with a nice low level of alcohol (9%) that makes it very, very ...
    $15.99 a bottle
  10. 2015 Tony Bish ‘Summertime’ Gisborne Chardonnay

    2015 Tony Bish ‘Summertime’ Gisborne Chardonnay

    91 Points Sam Kim
    Tony Bish, better known as chief winemaker at Sacred Hill, has just released this Gisborne Chardonnay made from grapes taken from the ‘Judd Estate’ vineyard in Patutahi. Made for immediate, ...
    RRP $21.99 Save $5 $16.99 a bottle

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